ProMix System SS-100-V

The ProMix System is designed for storing and mixing/homogenising of hydrocarbon samples prior to analysis e.g. water in oil, and other kinds of analysis applicable for the testing of hydrocarbons.

The sample is circulated in the mixing unit from the sample receiver through an external loop, and back into the sample receiver by use of an air driven pump. The homogenizing process takes place when the sample flows through two nozzles located in the cylinder end cap. The fluid is forced through the small orifice of the nozzles and back into the cylinder at an extremely high velocity jet.


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Key Features

  • Consists of a stationary constant pressure sample receiver of 1200 or 1500 centilitres
  • Equipped with two volume-indicators: One for visual inspection, and the other one returns electronic signal 4-20 mA cw HART for connection to flow computer