ProMix Bench SS-130/150

The Proserv ProMix bench SS-130/150 is designed for mixing/homogenising hydrocarbon samples prior to analysis e.g. water in oil. A sample taken at any sample point into a ProMix 1 litre or 4 litre lightweight sampling cylinder may be stored, or brought directly to the laboratory for immediate homogenising and analysis. The system allows the contents of the sample cylinder to be mixed at the sample collection line pressure thus ensuring analysis sub sample representivity and retention of light ends.

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Key Features

  • Samples are homogenised and sub sampled at process pressure
  • Repeatable sub samples with no loss of light ends
  • Sub samples can be withdrawn directly into a pressurised syringe or through a valve
  • Simple to operate, clean and maintain
  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Complies with IP386, ISO 3171 and British Petroleum’s homogenisation standard