Bottom Hole Sampling Tools

Proserv offers a range of sampling systems to capture reservoir fluid samples at reservoir conditions.

PDS and SPS Sampling Systems

The Proserv Positive Displacement Sampler (PDS) allows for the capture of representative downhole reservoir fluid samples. The sampler can also be utilised to take Single Phase Samples (SPS) and maintain them at a pressure above reservoir conditions, for analysis back at the laboratory. Samples, when analysed, provide data vital for the economic and technical evaluation of the reservoir. The sampler is designed to be run on wire line (slickline or electricline) and can be triggered by mechanical clock or surface firing via an electric line. Multiple samplers can be run simultaneously.

For transportation of samples, a range of cylinders (700ml as standard) can be supplied with pressure ratings of 10,000 and 15,000 psi. Our cylinders are supplied with transportation boxes for shipment complete with European (PED and TPED), United States (DOT) & Canadian (TC) certification where applicable.

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